Commodore 64 Vinyl Tribute #2

Based on the great success of the first Vinyl, we are now launching its sequel, 
the "Commodore 64 Vinyl Tribute #2".
The complete kit will contain a fold-out double album including colored vinyls (180g).
Like the previous edition it will be limited to 300 pieces!

The Vinyl will cost 35 €
If you do not own a turntable, an Audio-CD will be available for 15 €.
When acquiring either edition you will also receive:

* a link for all tracks (WAV / MP3)

* an image of the floppy disk (D64)

* ... and the artwork of the vinyl (PDF)

Order your limited edition vinyl by email:

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c0zmo  -  Anthony Walters - Toggle - Linus - LMan - Taxim - Shogoon

Spino - Thomas Detert - Markus Schneider - R0ly - Mibri - chuinho - picrard

Jammer -  Fegolhuzz - Chris Huelsbeck - SigmaZeven - psych858o - Nordischsound

Cover Artwork

James SvΓ€rd (Joe)


Sebastian SchrΓΆdl (Anthony Walters)

Compilation & Recording

Christian Zauner (SID-Spieler)

C64 floppy disk & DirArt

Uwe "THCM" Anfag & DK

Get your hands on this exclusive masterpiece today! James SvΓ€rd >